Rescue One is an international Search and Rescue Team, active worldwide since 2004. Our team was established in order to save lives of travelers in physical or mental distress and require rescue. Among our various clients we also provide rescue services to the Israeli ‘Harel’ insurance company, by responding to its insures who encounter emergency situations while traveling abroad.

Our professional system of worldwide response is based on two tiers:

The first tier involves our network of professional rescue partners which we maintain in a variety of locations worldwide. Our network can be activated on-demand, when need arises, via Rescue one’s server-based platform in order to provide an optimal response. We also provide Harel insures with inReach Explorer® satellite communication devices and operate a 24/7 manned call center that responds to distress calls from anywhere in the world to support them.

The second tier involves activating our private SAR team. When the need for further intervention arises, the team is prepared to deploy to every point on earth, 365 days a year.

Our team specializes in SAR operations in complex terrains that require the highest level of skill and training, combined with diverse technical abilities. Our team brings together the experience, skill, training, and qualifications needed to coordinate and conduct a wide variety of SAR operations anywhere in the world.

Our professional abilities include

  • Missing persons Search and Rescue
  • Rope rescue and Alpine Rescue
  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • Underwater Search and Recovery Operations
  • Medical Assistance
  • Mental resilience
  • Helicopter Search and Rescue
  • Structural Collapse SAR

Our team handles hundreds of calls a year and has been involved in many successful global field operations since its inception. A partial list of these includes: the 2004 south Asian tsunami, Heli-rescue of travelers from locations in Chile, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Vietnam, Namibia, and Tanzania Field searches for missing persons in North of India; River Searches in Peru, China, and Zambia.